Mária Straková

Mária Straková

Education: Ethnology at Faculty of arts of the Comenius University in Bratislava

She has dedicated her career to singing traditional songs from different parts of Slovakia.

She is actively collaborazing with different national folklore festivals homeland and abroad.

She has gained a professional experience working at national artistic ensembles: Lúčnica - as a singer and head of singing group (2001-2006)

Sľuk – as dramaturge, assistent of head of folk orchestra (2006-2013) and from 2007-2013 she was the head of women singing group.

About us

We are slovak performers composed of singers, dancers, and musicians whom performed for national artistic ensemles (SĽUK, Lúčnica, SND, Nová scéna...).

  • We will prepare for you traditional wedding bonnet ceremony for unique wedding experience.

  • We are experienced performers.

  • You can expect emotions. The artists will entertain you by singing, dancing and traditional music. You will be very satisfied.

Referee of wedding bonnet ceremonies is Mária Straková.

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Mgr. Mária Straková, mobil: +421 907 754 555, mail:

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